SMART CONNECTIONS is about being connected.
A smart city is one that meets the needs of its citizens by providing the necessary connections:

  • Transportation --ensuring adequate access and means of transportation, whether it’s through well planned bus routes, installation of bicycle lanes or the provision and maintenance of bike trails
  • Online Access – understands the need for mobile technology and access to the internet through Wi-Fi or public computer space and the need to ensure broadband availability for local businesses to compete globally at affordable rates
  • Technology -- adapts to technology and the need for innovation for tomorrow
  • Community –ensures inclusion of all citizens by providing opportunities to get involve, become part of the very fabric of the community

Being connected allows the citizens and businesses to:

  • Move throughout our community effortlessly;  ship and receive goods easily
  • Research, access information and take online education courses/watch “how to” videos; reach a broader consumer market
  • Instantly connect with loved ones, friends, customers or business partners
  • Shop online worldwide; reach new markets
  • Share files online instantly increasing faster responses to meet customer demands