A team of community ambassadors have come together to collaboratively build Brantford as a Smart City. Take pride in your community and join the change....

What is Smart Brantford?

Smart Brantford is a shift in the way we live, work, do business, educate and work together to grow our economy, our people and our environment to improve the quality of life for our citizens.

Why should Brantford become a Smart City?

The world around us is changing. To succeed, we must embrace change, we must become a City of Choice, a city that:
  • Attracts & retains residents, business and visitors
  • Increases the quality of life of its citizens
  • Investors want to be a part of
  • Is open, transparent & engages citizens
  • Recognizes issues such as poverty & community safety
  • Commits the necessary resources to develop the community
  • Adapts to change
  • Encourages innovation and communication
  • Competes globally

Why is Smart Brantford important to me?

Smart Brantford requires the partnership of government, community organizations, business and citizens to be successful. Working together for the benefit of all can result in ensuring:
Access to information such as
  • Available jobs
  • Available programs and services
  • Healthcare
  • Community safety
  • Transportation
  • Community events
  • Local suppliers, hours of operation
Online services
  • Real-time transportation schedules
  • Online education programs
  • Online shopping
  • Bill payment
  • Registration
  • Voting
  • Increased mobility
Connectivity & Communication
  • Connect with loved ones
  • Social Media (Facebook, twitter)
  • Online media sources (news, sports)
  • Emergency Services

What are the goals of Smart Brantford?

The goal of Smart Brantford is to create high quality high paying jobs while attracting investment in Brantford. In the short term the goals are to:
  • Create community awareness of Smart Brantford
  • Create jobs
  • Create connectivity within the community and with the world
  • Increase investment in Brantford
  • Create partnerships
  • Share & Collect information on local initiatives
  • Celebrate our success and share it with the world!

What are we already doing?

Brantford is well underway to becoming a smart city. The municipality, local businesses, organizations and post-secondary schools have implemented processes or services already and are looking to improve or expand them within the community. Examples of what is currently underway include such things as:

What benefits have we seen so far?

To date, many have experienced the initial benefits of becoming a Smart City including:
  • Ability to connect with loved ones
  • Connecting students with business for placements, work experiences, mentoring
  • Online distance learning opportunities providing flexibility and convenience to learners
  • Increased ability to work from home due to technology
  • Increased efficiencies/use of resources
  • Ability to be involved in to the ongoing development of a skilled workforce
  • Ability to register online/make payments online providing service 24/7 at the convenience of the customer
  • Access to online health information and services (telehealth)

What will this cost the community? What if we don’t become a Smart City?

The Smart Brantford initiative is led by a volunteer-based group responsible for creating awareness and commitment of the community to become involved in the initiative. Smart Brantford is a community-wide initiative that is developed by the community for the community. There will certainly be costs involved in implementing some of the actions as they are identified, but the cost of not becoming a smart city will have a significant impact on Brantford in terms of:
  • Fewer jobs- stagnant employment market (number and quality of jobs, lower rates of pay)
  • Disconnected
  • Left behind!! The world will change with or without us
  • Loss of intellectual edge (education levels of citizens)
  • Loss of ability to compete and attract investment, residents and business
  • Loss of ability to be a lifecycle community – one that offers quality of life to all citizens from cradle to grave

Who is Involved?

To become a Smart City, everyone including citizens, businesses, youth, organizations and government must be involved. It takes a community to create a community!
Those involved to date include:
  • Economic Development Advisory Committee
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Local Schools, Highschools & Post-Secondary
  • Social Service Agencies
  • Senior Citizens Groups
  • Business Groups and Organizations
  • Chamber of Commerce
  • Banks & Financial Service providers
  • Arts & Culture Organizations and groups

How can I be involved?

Find out more information, participate, get involved, network!
  • Share your stories on how you or others you know of are helping Brantford become a Smart City
  • Take part in a subcommittee
  • Become an ambassador
  • Share your ideas and thoughts
  • Register your buisness as a Smart Business

Who do I contact?

To get involved or for more information contact:
Online: www.smartbrantford.ca
Call: 519-759-4150 ext 2213 (Robin Matthews-Osmond) Email: info@smartbrantford.ca