What Is a Smart City?
"SMART BRANTFORD is a community-wide initiative to shift the way we live, work, do business, educate and work together to grow our economy, our people and our environment to improve the quality of life for our citizens."
Why Become a Smart City?

The world around us is changing.

To succeed, we must embrace change; we must become a City of Choice, a city that...

  • Attracts & retains residents, businesses and visitors
  • Increases the quality of life of its citizens
  • Investors want to be a part of
  • Is open, transparent & engages citizens
  • Recognizes issues such as poverty & community safety
  • Commits the necessary resources to develop the community
  • Adapts to change
  • Encourages innovation and communication
  • Competes globally
What Makes a Smart City?

A Smart City is one that works together with its citizens,
businesses, youth organizations and government.

What are the Six Components to a Smart City?

There are Six Components that support a strong foundation on which to build a Smart City. No one component can stand on its own, but together provide the strength necessary to embrace change successfully. Similar to the community, no one person or organization can do it on its own, but together we can provide the foundation for the future success of Brantford.

Smart Connections

is about being connected, whether through transportation, online access or being involved in the community ...learn more

Smart Economy

provides high quality, high paying jobs while supporting businesses to compete worldwide ...learn more

Smart People

without an educated and informed workforce  we would be challenged to meet the needs of tomorrow ...learn more

Smart Governance

ensures we have a well-run city that is  transparent and values the input of citizens ...learn more

Smart Environment

provides a balance between economy, people and nature ...learn more

Smart Living

is quality healthcare, education, safety, access to arts & culture, sports and recreation ...learn more

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